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The mechanical structure and the mechanical safety of an electrical appliance are, in addition to electrical safety, an essential element of the directive's conformity. The harmonized standards used to presumption of conformity contain about the same amount of requirements for mechanical and electrical safety.

Electrical safety can not always be assessed at first glance without suitable measuring and testing equipment.
An examination of the mechanical structure / mechanical safety can be carried out much easier. Very often it turns out in random tests on the basis of certain design features that the manufacturer guidelines and standards are not familiar. Therefore, in the case of random checks, it is often found that, if there is a discrepancy from the test basis, further points become noticeable. As a result, easily recognizable external deviations from the norm are usually taken as an opportunity by the authorities to use a device e.g. to move in at a local fair or to request a similar device. These devices are either put through their paces in their own laboratories for compliance with the guidelines, or passed on to testing centers.

You can minimize this risk!

Random design checks for compliance with guidelines and standards are an effective and cost-effective means of minimizing regulatory action.

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